HBO to Launch a Game of Thrones Aftershow Series

By Maryann Yin 

10006058_10152071800467734_2131890134_oHBO and Bill Simmons, a sports writer and podcaster, have formed a partnership. They plan to shoot a new Game of Thrones-themed aftershow series called After the Thrones.

On this show, Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan, the hosts, will offer an episode recap and an in-depth discussion about the latest in Westeros. According to TIME, the first episode of season six will come out on April 24. The premiere episode of After the Thrones is set to air on April 25.

Here’s more from Variety: “The aftershow will be available on digital services HBO Now and HBO Go, as well as through HBO On Demand. No linear telecasts for After the Thrones have yet been scheduled, but may be announced at a later date. Greenwald and Ryan hosted the Watch the Thrones podcast for Simmons’ former site Grantland.” (via Rolling Stone)