Gillian Anderson & Jennifer Nadel to Collaborate on a Self-Help Book

By Maryann Yin 

Gillian AndersonX-Files actress Gillian Anderson and journalist Jennifer Nadel will team up to write a book entitled WE. Atria Books will release this “self-help guide for women” on March 08, 2016.

Publisher Judith Curr negotiated the terms of the deal with agents Lynn Nesbit and Claire Conrad of Janklow & Nesbit. Senior editor Leslie Meredith will edit the manuscript.

Anderson (pictured, via) had this statement in the press release: “WE is a call-out to all women around the world – and by women I include girls, transgender, anyone who identifies themselves as being intrinsically female. It’s a reminder that we are all linked by the fact that we are female and that we need to stick together and stand up for each other and not compete against each other. That wherever we are in the world and whatever our skin color, sexual preference, or religion, we are all united by the fact that we are female.”