George R.R. Martin Shares New Chapter

By Dianna Dilworth 

George R.R. Martin still hasn’t finished the latest book in his Game of Thrones series, but he has teased readers by posting a new chapter online.

Here is an excerpt from The Winds of Winter:

That night Arianne dispatched the first of her ravens back to Dorne, reporting to her father on all they’d seen and heard. The next morning her company set out for Mistwood, as the first rays of the rising sun were slanting through the peaked roofs and crooked alleys of the Weeping Town. By midmorning a light rain began to fall, as they were making their way north through a land of green fields and little villages. As yet, they had seen no signs of fighting, but all the other travelers along the rutted road seemed to be going in the other direction, and the women in the villages they passed gazed at them with wary eyes and kept their children close.