GalleyPug Leads the Literary Pet Parade

By Jason Boog 

Welcome to GalleyCat’s annual pet parade, a holiday display of literary pets around the globe. GalleyCat readers have sent in pictures all week–the largest response we’ve ever received to the pet parade. Look for more pet pictures all week.

Author Charles Blackstone sent in that picture of Haruki Murakami (the pug) enjoying Saul Bellow’s letters.

Follow this link to see more pet parade photos. More cute pictures follow below–click to enlarge the individual photos.

YA author Heather Davis sent the picture embedded above. Here’s more: “My cat Harper Lee loves reading almost as much as I do.  Here she is devouring Catching Fire (She loves to keep up with the best-sellers).  Usually, you can find her under my writing desk, encouraging the creative process in between issuing demands for tuna and manchego cheese.”

Andrea Newsome, a marketing and PR blog specialist at Greenleaf Book Group, sent in that picture. She explained:  “Here’s a photo of my cat Jasmine Samuel Pants. She hails from Chicago but she recently settled down permanently in Texas and she’s loving the warm climate. She has eclectic tastes when it comes to books but, like most cats, her favorite reads are grisly murder mysteries.”

Rayna Bailey from Creative Literary Services sent that photo. She wrote: “Here is a photo of my cat Domino filling his head with knowledge while napping on my desk.”

Author Monica Valentinelli writes about the picture embedded above: “I’m an author and game designer living in the Midwest with two cats. The orange tabby’s name is Zakar, which means ‘god of dreams.’ He’s got six toes and no tail. The other cat’s name is Rimmon, which means ‘god of storms.’ Both are extraordinarily spoiled.”