GalleyCat’s Freelance Editor Directory

By Jason Boog Comment

edit304The publishing industry has changed profoundly over the last few years, with many talented editors working on a freelance basis and many independent authors looking for editorial help.

As a service to the writers and editors in the GalleyCat audience, we are building a free, automatically updated directory where editors can post their services and writers can seek freelance editors.

If you are a freelance editor looking for work, follow this link to add yourself to our free directory. If you are a writer looking for an editor, you can view the directory as a webpage or download the directory as a sortable Excel spreadsheet.

As you fill out the form or look for an editor, be sure you are clear about the different kinds of editorial services available. Here is an excellent description of the four kinds of editing.

The directory will grow as the editors in our audience join the list. When you add your name to the list, you will see a “thank you” message acknowledging “Your response has been recorded.” It will also offer you the option to “Edit your response.” You should bookmark this link if you think you will edit your entry in the future.

If you don’t have that link and still need to edit, Email GalleyCat and we can fix it.