Free Scrivener Templates To Structure Your Novel

By Jason Boog 

Do you use Scrivener writing software to write your books?

Writer Justin Swapp has collected a series of free Scrivener templates on his blog, helping short story writers and novelists plan their work more effectively. A few of the templates even follow popular methods for plotting a novel (like the hero’s journey or the snowflake method), useful storytelling techniques for any writer.

To use these templates, you need to buy the Scrivener software. The links below will download zipped versions of the templates you can use with the program…

Check it out:

The SFWA Short Story template – by author Jamie Todd Rubin. This is a short story template intended for SFWA markets.
The Hero’s Journey template – Mel Corbett bases this template on the famous Hero’s Journey story structure made famous by Joseph Campbell.
The Snowflake Template – The blog has a nice template using the snowflake method. The General Novel Project – By bestselling author, David Hewson.
The Beat Sheet Template – Story structure based on Larry Brooks ‘beats’ story stucture, template by Mel Corbett.
The Mystery Novel template – Self-explanatory. Also by Mel Corbett.

(Photo via xlibber)