Free Books for Extraterrestrial Abduction Day

By Jason Boog Comment

Happy Extraterrestrial Abduction Day!

To help you celebrate, we’ve rounded up some free fiction, nonfiction and audio about alien abductions–inspiring reading for all kinds of writers. Yahoo News had more about the holiday:

Extraterrestrial Abduction Day, sometimes called Alien Abduction Day, could be the answer to your financial, mortgage and bad boss troubles. Maybe a UFO will land, abduct you and relocate you to a better world. In previous years, people (or aliens?) have celebrates this odd holiday with festivals or movie marathons … Stay safe indoors, and away from alien abduction hot spots.

National UFO Reporting Center recordings, 1974 to 1989: “In 1974, Robert Gribble started the National UFO Reporing Center (NUFORC) near Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. The NUFORC’s 24 hour hotline number was distributed to police, airports and military bases … Witnesses range from ordinary citizens to pilots, military personnel, Federal Aviation Administration employees, police and scientists. The UFO cases range from lights in the skies to close-up encounters with flying saucers, cylindrical objects and other aircraft. Other calls include claimed encounters with animal mutilation, large Bigfoot-type beings, amnesia and possible alien abduction cases, or sightings of humanoid UFO occupants.”

You can also listen to MP3 versions of calls from the UFO archive.

The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells: “the first-person narrative of an unnamed protagonist’s (and his brother’s) adventures in London and the countryside around London as Earth is invaded by Martians.” (Wikipedia)

The War of the Worlds – Illustrations by Stephan Möbius

War of the Worlds: “In 1938, Orson Welles produced a radio play that sounded an awful lot like a news report about Martians invading New Jersey. On this hour of Radiolab: deconstructing “The War of theWorlds,” and the power of mass media to create panic.”

Travis Walton UFO Abduction Files: “These recordings relate to the claimed UFO abduction of logger Travis Walton in 1975. Walton’s is one of few UFO abduction cases which is supported by multiple eyewitnesses. One of a small crew clearing trees and brush in Arizona, Walton and his coworkers claimed that Walton approached a UFO, only to be struck and seemingly wounded by a beam of light which issued from the strange aircraft.”

Pascagoula Abduction Audio Files: These recordings relate to the claimed alien abduction of Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker in 1973. Coworkers in Pascagoula, Mississippi, Parker and Hickson were fishing one evening when they claimed a UFO appeared nearby. Strange humanoid creatures took them onboard the craft and forced them to undergo an examination. The case earned much publicity in the mainstream media. Both men passed polygraph examinations, which seemed to establish that Parker and Hickson believed their story was true.

(Image via  mikecogh)