Fictionary Lets Readers Build Book-Specific Dictionaries

By Dianna Dilworth 

Some works of fiction are so packed with characters that it is hard to keep track of every new person to enter the story. The Fictionary, a new online app that lets you create book-specific dictionaries for your favorite books, is hoping to help readers keep track.

The free resource allows readers to access a custom e-book dictionary of fictitious terms, places and people in literature created by author provided content or community wikis. “Fiction books can be complex, filled with a lot of characters to keep track of, items that are difficult to visualize, and places that are hard to recall,” explains the site. “Fictionaries can help you enjoy these stories without confusion, spoiler free, and you never have to leave your book.”

The tool is designed to avoid spoilers and only provide details on characters based on how far along in the story you are. Fictionaries work on all Kindle eReaders, iOS Kindle Apps, and some Android ePub apps such as Moon+ Reader.