Europa Editions to Publish Novella by the Grandson of Che Guevara

By Maryann Yin 

Europa Logo (GalleyCat)Europa Editions will posthumously publish the English edition of a novella by artist Canek Sánchez Guevara. Sánchez Guevara, who passed away in January 2015, was the grandson of the revolutionary Che Guevara.

The book, entitled 33 Revolutions, was written in Sánchez Guevara’s native Spanish. It has never been published in any language.

According to the press release, this novella was crafted as though it were “a record with 33 tracks, tells the story of a bureaucrat living on a Caribbean island who longs to escape his country and a life that feels like a ‘broken record.'” Europa Editions has scheduled the release date for October 2016.