DocuToss Helps Writers Seek Editing Advice

By Jason Boog Comment

DocuToss is a free platform for sharing your writing with other readers and finding first readers for your work.

You can upload your story, script or term paper, seeking edits from readers interested in that kind of writing. The site was created by a first-year law student and needs more contributors to grow. What do you think of the simple interface?

Check it out: “This site provides a platform for users to receive feedback and editing advice.  The service is completely free and facilitated by a simple reciprocity system. In order to receive feedback you must also review files other people have uploaded. All feedback is rated, so that over time you end up only exchanging with users who provide feedback of the same quality that you provide others. Our privacy policy is simple: we will never sell any of your data and we don’t want to collect any of it ourselves.” (Via Reddit)