Digital Swag To Share at Events

By Jason Boog 

What kind of digital swag do you share with your readers? We’ve created a list of ideas below. Add your ideas and links in the comments section, we will update as the list grows…

A Wired essay about BookExpo America bemoaned the lack of digital swag that authors can share with readers at conferences or readings. Check it out:

My friend and I pool our resources and discover that, between the two of us, we’ve found only four publishers offering digital swag after two full days on the convention floor. Of those, half are for audiobooks and all require a lengthy online registration, a process far less convenient than snatching a book off a stack on the show floor.

Digital Swag You Can Make for Readers

QR Codes for free classic books that inspired you

Make a digital coupon for your book

Create a free Spotify playlist of music that inspired you

Write a “thank you” letter on digital stationary

Share a gift coupon or IOU promising to interact with a reader

Make a free iBooks Author book with video, audio and text from your book

Share an audiobook with StorySticker

Create a customized and beautiful QR code linking to your blog

Add an advanced reader copy of your book to NetGalley