Deepak Chopra & Sanjiv Chopra Land Major Deal with Amazon

By Jason Boog 

Deepak Chopra and his brother Sanjiv Chopra have sold their memoir to Amazon’s New York City publishing imprint in a major ($500,000 or higher) deal. Brotherhood: A Tale of Faith, Big Dreams, and the Power of Persistence.

Trident Media Group chairman Robert Gottlieb negotiated the deal with Amazon’s Larry Kirshbaum and David Moldawer. Gottlieb added: “I am delighted that Amazon, Deepak and Sanjiv Chopra are in business together in a major book deal that is a game-changer for the publishing industry.”

This is Trident’s second major deal with Amazon. Last month, Amazon reportedly paid $800,000 for a memoir from Penny Marshall, the Laverne & Shirley star and director.

Chopra also has commitments with another publisher. A spokesperson from Crown Publishing Group added this statement: “Dr. Chopra is an enormously productive and prolific author who has had several publishers simultaneously throughout his career, but who publishes the majority of his books with Crown’s Harmony Books imprint. Presently, Harmony has multiple future books of his under contract. In addition, this year Crown established with Dr. Chopra the eponymously-named Deepak Chopra Books imprint, which will annually publish 4-6 books by authors selected by him, with the first title scheduled to be issued in spring 2013. We look forward to continuing our productive and flexible publishing partnership with Deepak Chopra. “