DC Entertainment to Publish a New Batwoman Series

By Maryann Yin 

Batwoman Rebirth (GalleyCat)DC Entertainment intends to launch a new Batwoman comic series under the Rebirth program. The company will begin with a one-shot comic in February 2017.

The first issue of the series will follow in March 2017. Marguerite Bennett has signed on to write the story and Steve Epting has come on board to create the illustrations.

Here’s more from the press release: “As a preface to her new solo adventures, Bennett will join James Tynion IV on ‘Batwoman Begins,’ a two-issue story arc in Detective Comics. Following the Night of the Monster Men, Batwoman and Batman discover that the venom from the defeated monsters’ corpses is being sold as a bioweapon. After Batwoman comes face to face with the villain responsible, Batman gives Batwoman a mission that takes her around the world, creating the backdrop for her new solo series in February, whose first story arc will also be co-written by Bennett and Tynion IV.”