Dark Horse Comics to Launch the Rise of the Black Flame Miniseries

By Maryann Yin 

Black Flame Cover (GalleyCat)Dark Horse Comics has announced plans to publish the Rise of the Black Flame miniseries. The story for this horror project is set in the universe of the Hellboy comic series. The first of five issues will be published on September 7.

Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, and Chris Roberson will collaborate on writing the story. Christopher Mitten has signed on to create the interior artwork. Laurence Campbell has agreed to contribute the cover art. Dave Stewart will serve as the colorist.

Roberson gave this statement in the press release: “There have been several villains in Hellboy’s world who’ve been called the Black Flame, and the striking visual of a skeleton burning with dark flames is pretty hard to beat. In Rise of the Black Flame, we reveal that before there was a man called the Black Flame, there was an ancient cult hidden deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia known by that name. We plumb the depths of cruelty and ruthlessness that groups of people are capable of reaching, and explore how this cult which reaches back to prehistoric times is connected to the most dangerous villain in the history of the Hellboy books.”