Cyanide & Happiness Creators Raised $770,000+ for DRM-Free Show

By Jason Boog Comment

The creators of the popular Cyanide & Happiness web comic turned down television deals, raising more than $770,000 on Kickstarter for a DRM-free online show. The campaign is now closed.

The founders explained that “TV, as a medium, doesn’t really work for what we want to do with a Cyanide & Happiness Show.” You can watch a sample short in the video embedded above. In all, 14,242 fans contributed to the campaign. Check it out:

The episodes will be released at the same time every week, with very limited advertising, on our own website, on YouTube, and on several other free streaming websites. You can also get the show in the form of DRM-free, ad-free downloads for a low price per season (in fact it’s one of the pledge rewards). You’ll get an email when a new episode is out, and be able to download it even before it hits YouTube. Do whatever you want with it once you download it. Take it to your friend’s house on a flash drive. Remix it. Print out each amazing frame and roll around naked on top of them. We don’t care.