Cover Revealed for the New American Gods Paperback

By Maryann Yin 

American Gods 2016 Paperback Cover (GalleyCat)

The cover has been unveiled for the paperback edition of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. The original hardcover edition was first published back in 2001. We’ve embedded the full image for the new jacket art above—what do you think?

Robert E. McGinnis created the painting that became the cover art. Todd Klein came on board to create the logo. More of Gaiman’s books will be released in paperback format featuring new artwork by McGinnis and Klein.

According to Gaiman’s blog post, “the upcoming 2017 Starz American Gods TV series has created a huge demand for copies of American Gods. People who have never read it have started buying it to find out what the fuss is about. People who read it long ago and gave away their copy bought new ones to reread it. The publishers ran out of books to sell. So they’ve rushed back to press with the new paperback edition, which wasn’t meant to be coming out for some months (and the text is the text of the Author’s Preferred edition in case you were wondering).”