Cambridge University Press Lays Off Staffers in New York

By Dianna Dilworth 

cambridge-university-press-304Cambridge University Press is going through layoffs in its New York office. According to an anonymous tip shared with GalleyCat, more than 60 people lost jobs.
We reached out to the publisher to confirm the tip. A spokesman for the company said that he could not confirm the number and shared the following statement:
The Press operates in a rapidly changing and evolving global publishing environment. Our commitment to academic and pedagogical excellence remains as important today as ever before and we are increasing our investment in digital services, which now account for close to a third of our total revenues.
We need to expand our presence and investment in the growing markets of Mexico, Turkey and the Middle East, move some of our product development closer to where our customers are, and streamline our production processes. Our operations in New York continue to be one of our main publishing centers globally but will now focus primarily on our critically important North American author base and customers. This will result in a reduction in staffing levels in New York.