Booktrack Partners With Imagine Dragons

By Dianna Dilworth 

Booktrack, a tool designed for self-published writers and publishers to add soundtracks to their e-books, has partnered with rock band Imagine Dragons to do a new soundtrack for sci-fi author Hugh Howey.

Howey’s new book, Beacon 23, features an original soundtrack inspired by the story by the group. The soundtrack includes both instrumental and lyrical versions of Imagine Dragon’s songs, Radioactive, Demons, Shots, Dream and Second Chances, which were selected and adapted to fit the tone and mood of each scene in the book.

“As a huge fan of Imagine Dragons and their work, this has been a dream collaboration for me,” stated award-winning author Hugh Howey. “Before Booktrack came along, the best I could possibly hope for is to hear Radioactive play during the credits of a film adaptation. I never in a million years imagined a soundtrack designed to augment one of my novels, but Imagine Dragons and Booktrack made that possible.”