Book Sales Down 5.6% in Jan-April 2015

By Dianna Dilworth 

Publisher book sales dropped 5.6 percent from January until April, as compared to the same period last year, according to the Association of American Publishers (AAP)’s latest StatShot.

In 2015, publishers brought in $3.0 billion during the first four months of the year, as compared to $3.2 billion for the same four months last year. Adult books and professional books both saw sales increase during the period. Adult book sales were up 2.3 percent and professional book sales were up 3.1 percent during the period. Here is more from the press release about sales in April 2015:

After slight growth last month, sales in Trade Books were down 2.9 percent for the month, and 2.1 percent year-to-date. While Adult Books have grown 3.5 percent year-to-date, Children’s & Young Adults and Religious presses were down 15.1 percent and 9.2 percent respectively compared to Jan – April 2014.