Best Writing Music of 2012

By Jason Boog 

What’s your favorite writing music from 2012? We’ve created our annual list of the new music that helped us write this year.

Share the songs or albums that inspired you in the comments section and we will add it to our growing Spotify playlist (also posted below)–it currently contains six hours of instrumental music.

Follow this link to read our Best Writing Music of 2011 list. If you want more inspiration, check out Largehearted Boy’s annual list of Year-End Music Lists and Open Culture’s timeless Best Music to Write By list.

The Best Writing Music of 2012

Sigur Ros – Ég anda
Sigur Ros – Ekki múkk
Sigur Ros – Varúð
Sigur Ros – Rembihnútur
Sigur Ros – Dauðalogn
Sigur Ros – Varðeldur
Sigur Ros – Valtari
Sigur Ros – Fjögur píanó
Chilly Gonzales – White Keys
Chilly Gonzales – Kenaston
Chilly Gonzales – Minor Fantasy
Chilly Gonzales – Escher
Chilly Gonzales – Rideaux Lunaires
Chilly Gonzales – Nero’s Nocturne
Chilly Gonzales – Venetian Blinds
Chilly Gonzales – Evolving Doors
Chilly Gonzales – Epigram In E
Chilly Gonzales – Othello
Chilly Gonzales – Train Of Thought
Chilly Gonzales – Wintermezzo
Chilly Gonzales – La Bulle
Chilly Gonzales – Papa Gavotte
El Ten Eleven – Transitions
El Ten Eleven – Transitions
El Ten Eleven – Thanks Bill
El Ten Eleven – Yellow Bridges
El Ten Eleven – No One Died This Time!
El Ten Eleven – Birth
El Ten Eleven – Tiger Tiger
El Ten Eleven – Lullaby
Beethoven, Ludwig van – Beethoven: 1. Allegro con brio – 1. Allegro con brio
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich – Tchaikovsky: 3. Valse (Allegro moderato) – 3. Valse (Allegro moderato)
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich – Tchaikovsky: 2c. Danse russe Trépak (Tempo di Trépak, molto vivace) – 2c. Danse russe Trépak (Tempo di Trépak, molto vivace)
Bruckner, Anton – Bruckner: 2. Scherzo. Bewegt, lebhaft – Trio. Schnell – 2. Scherzo. Bewegt, lebhaft – Trio. Schnell
Shostakovich, Dmitri – Shostakovich: Festive Overture, Op.96 – Festive Overture, Op.96
Saint-Saëns, Camille – Saint-Saëns: Bacchanale – Bacchanale
Mahler, Gustav – Mahler: 4. Adagietto (Sehr langsam) – 4. Adagietto (Sehr langsam)
Mendelssohn, Felix – Mendelssohn: 2. Vivace non troppo – 2. Vivace non troppo
Márquez, Arturo – Márquez: Danzon No.2 – Danzon No.2
Revueltas, Silvestre – Revueltas: 2. Noche de Jaranas (Scherzo) – 2. Noche de Jaranas (Scherzo)
Stravinsky, Igor – Stravinsky: Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One) – Sacrificial Dance (The Chosen One)
Márquez, Arturo – Márquez: Conga del Fuego – Conga del Fuego
Bernstein, Leonard – Bernstein: 4. Mambo – 4. Mambo
The Bad Plus – Pound For Pound
The Bad Plus – Seven Minute Mind
The Bad Plus – Re-Elect That
The Bad Plus – Wolf Out
The Bad Plus – Sing For A Silver Dollar
The Bad Plus – For My Eyes Only
The Bad Plus – I Want To Feel Good Pt. 2
The Bad Plus – In Stitches
The Bad Plus – Victoria
Ahmad Jamal – Autumn Rain
Ahmad Jamal – The Gypsy (Billy Reid)
Ahmad Jamal – Laura
Ahmad Jamal – Morning Mist
Ahmad Jamal – This is the Life
Ahmad Jamal – Woody’n You
The Vintage Modernists – Wyoming Sun
The Vintage Modernists – Stillwater Valley
The Vintage Modernists – Pathetiques – Part 1
The Vintage Modernists – Red Lodge
The Vintage Modernists – Cityscape
The Vintage Modernists – East River Photograph
The Vintage Modernists – Open Road
The Vintage Modernists – Jackson Heights
The Vintage Modernists – 409
The Vintage Modernists – Three Ring Circus
The Vintage Modernists – Evanescent Journey
The Vintage Modernists – Farewell
Andrew York – Ride
Andrew York – Evensong
Andrew York – Knowing
Andrew York – Glimmer
Andrew York – Joyn
Andrew York – Yamour
Andrew York – Squares Suspended
Andrew York – Warp Aspect 1
Andrew York – Weft Aspect 1
Andrew York – Warp Aspect 2
Andrew York – Weft Aspect 2
Andrew York – Woven World
Andrew York – Centerpeace