Best Literary Agents on Twitter

By Jason Boog 

twitterlogo2323.jpgLooking for an agent? To help aspiring writers, literary agents, and publishing professionals connect online, we are building a new directory of best literary agents on Twitter.

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This list is not comprehensive, yet. Add your favorite agent (or yourself) to our growing directory.

Laurie Abkemeier: Literary Agent (former Editor), Looking for the Next Big Thing, home of the AGENT OBVIOUS TIP OF THE DAY

Jason Allen Ashlock: Founder of Movable Type Literary Group

Holly Bemiss: Literary Agent. Working to rescue cool writers from obscurity, one book at a time

Carole Blake: Literary agent with a fabulous list of wonderful clients, author of FROM PITCH TO PUBLICATION on how to get published

Brettne Bloom: Literary Agent. Mom. Chelsea Girl

Michael Bourret: Literary Agent, bran muffin enthusiast and nerdy cat person

Brandi Bowles: Literary Agent at Foundry Literary + Media

Chris Bucci: A literary agent with Anne McDermid & Associates

Lucy Carson: I’m a literary agent living in NYC, eating as many fried foods as youth allows, and generally ready with an opinion at all times, on everything.

Farley Chase: Literary agent, Waxman Literary Agency

Danielle Chiotti: Literary agent @ Upstart Crow Literary, book lover, food lover!

Ginger Clark: I am a literary agent. I work at Curtis Brown. I respond only to queries I’m interested in. This twitter account will be boring.

Jill Corcoran: Agent with Herman Agency representing MG and YA authors.

Erin Cox: Gun For Hire

John M Cusick: Author of the young adult novel GIRL PARTS. Literary agent with Scott Treimel NY. Managing fiction editor at Armchair/Shotgun. Mostly harmless.

Greg Daniel: Literary agent, sumo wrestler.

Stacia Decker: Literary agent specializing in crime/mystery fiction.

Brian DeFiore: Literary agent, publishing geek, former editor/publisher, pretty good dad of two teenage girls.

Lucienne Diver: Agent, author, blogger.

Lisa Ekus: Providing PR and Media services to authors, chefs and restaurateurs since 1982. We also specialize in media training and book agenting

Matthew Elblonk: Literary Agent

Stephany Evans: Lit agent on the run. Love good food, good wine, good books, and good roads.

Jessica Faust: literary agent, blogger, business owner, book lover and dog worshiper

Natalie M. Fischer: Literary Agent with the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency, making my way through adventures in agent land.

Melissa Flashman: Literary Agent at Trident Media Group

Dawn Frederick: Literary Agent/Owner Red Sofa Literary-represents nonfiction and YA

Miss Daisy Frost: London lit agent and general mischief maker around town.

Louise Fury: Literary Agent, Marketing advocate and general lover of books.

Rachelle Gardner: Literary agent, firefighter’s wife, mom of two awesome girls, Starbucks freak.

Kate Garrick: I like books and i like food; i only like one of those things professionally.

Jonny Geller: literary agent & md of Curtis brown books. Publishing is not a closed book. It just looks like it sometimes.

Karen Gerwin: Literary agent at DeFiore and Company

Barry Goldblatt: Barry Goldblatt Literary.

Samantha Haywood: Literary agent with Transatlantic Literary Agency (@TransLitAgency) in Toronto. Lives with daughter and husband, Pieter Swinkels, in Amsterdam.

Kathryn Helmers: Creative Trust agent.

Sam Hiyate: President and Literary Agent at The Rights Factory Inc

Kristina Holmes: Non-fiction book agent, author advocate, obsessed with nut butters. Often found curled up with a book in one hand and a spoonful of peanut butter in the other.

Carrie Howland: Literary agent @DonadioandOlson (Lit. Fiction, NF, YA), sometimes poet, @waggytailrescue foster, @styleofmind fashion blogger,@deltagamma. Opinions are my own.

Mandy Hubbard: Agent with D4EO Literary and author for Razorbill/Penguin, Harlequin, and Flux. For a book list visit my website.

Weronika Janczuk: Lit agent with D4EO Literary + writer (YA/lit/hist fiction). Lover of witty books, ’80s ♫, tea

Elizabeth Jote:  Slushpile Warrior. Bibliophile. Horder of paper. Literary Agent. Chameleon. Random howler from inside the publishing beast.

Mike Kabongo: Geek, occasional blogger, cook, loyal citizen of Zamunda, literary agent, trouble maker, man, miliki ya bure

Deidre Knight: Literary Agent and multi-published author of romance/women’s fiction who loves to travel to far away places, mentally and geographically.

Mary Kole: Kidlit enthusiast and associate agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency!

Jennifer Laughran: “Literary agent at andrea brown lit, children’s bookseller, reader, raconteur, eccentric multi-millionaire and patron of the arts… and some of those are lies”

Sarah LaPolla: Associate Literary Agent at Curtis Brown, Ltd., pop culture junkie, writing enthusiast, all around book nerd.

Kate Lee: Literary Agent

Betsy Lerner: Agent and Author of The Forest for the Trees.

Kim Lionetti: Literary Agent representing women’s fiction, romance, mystery, true crime, pop culture and pop science.

Noah Lukeman: President of Lukeman Literary Management, a New York literary agency representing a broad range of high profile fiction and non-fiction.

Kevan Lyon: Literary Agent, historical fiction fanatic, dog lover, beach walker…

Alexandra Machinist: Literary agent. Cultural explorer. Voracious reader. New Yorker. Observer. Sometime Nancy Drew. Sometime Carmen Sandiego. Lover of sandwiches.

Lauren E. MacLeod: A literary agent @strothmanagency with an emphasis in YA and MG fiction and nonfiction. Opinions are my own

Jean Martha: Lit Agent. Potty Mouth. Per @DonLinn you should follow me for NYC cab ride and bus commentary, general fun-and-games, wine-soaked lunches and baked goods

Taylor Martindale: Literary Agent with the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency

Anthony Mattero: NYC Rookie, Lit Agent, Philly Sports Apologist

Kate McKean: Literary Agent,

Laurie McLean: literary agent and novelist

Sara Megibow: Associate Literary Agent at Nelson Literary Agency. Publishing and parenting – that’s most of it. Some reading and skiing thrown in for sanity.

Dupree Miller: Literary Agents Creativity is Our Resource, Negotiation is Our Talent, Relationships are Our Passion

Brianne Mulligan: Once an editor, always an editor… But now I’m an agent.

Dana Newman: Tech/contracts/intellectual property lawyer, literary agent, mom, book lover, runner

Laura Nolan:  literary agent, digital opportunist, foodie

Ayesha Pande: Literary agent, citizen of the world, lover of the written word, proprietor of boutique agency and book nerd

Jason Pinter: Bestselling thriller writer, upcoming ZEKE BARTHOLOMEW series for young readers, agent at the Waxman Literary Agency, HuffPo Books columnist, publishing wonk.

Barbara Poelle:  literary agent, theater wife, professional Polish vodka sampler, it could get a little weird.

Janet Reid: travail-agent for The Fabulosity and the reef-dwellers

Chris Richman: Kid’s book agent, music snob, Philadelphia sports fanatic.

Holly Root: Literary agent, theater wife, cat person, iphone addict.

Elana Roth: Brooklynite, children’s book agent, Squarespace support-team member, semi-pro Jew, bourbon drinker. I work for lots of people. None of these tweets are theirs.

Tamar Rydzinski: Literary agent, mom, Washington Heights resident, scared of dogs

Meredith Smith: Literary agent, Episcopalian, flag football player, reluctant Tweeter.

Rebecca Sherman: Literary Agent at Writers House. Midwesterner transplanted to NYC. Musical theater loving, pop culture addict vegetarian.

Michael Stearns: Literary agent. A bit obsessive compulsive about words and writing, books and pop culture.

Laura Strachan: literary agent representing literary fiction and narrative nonfiction. Loves books, art, theatre — compelling stories, well told.

Kari Stuart: I’m a literary agent in NYC. When I’m not reading fabulous new, unpublished books, you can find me testing new recipes or running in the park with my dogs.

Suzie Townsend: book lover, former HS teacher, literary agent, sci-fi/fantasy nerd, and owner of an unused $6000 wedding dress. love my life.

Rachel Vogel: A literary agent based in NYC.

Joanna Volpe: NYC lit agent and lover of pizza.

Carly Watters: An associate literary agent’s bookish twitter feed. Reads and reps commercial and literary fiction, non-fiction. Loves travel, art, photography and cupcakes.

Scott Waxman: Founder, Waxman Literary Agency

Jennifer Weltz: Literary Agent at Naggar Literary Agency

Ted Weinstein: Weinstein represents a broad range of non-fiction for adult readers

Michelle Wolfson: I’m a literary agent. Check out my site and if you think we’re a fit, let me know. Otherwise just support my authors and buy their books!