Best Book Reviewers on Twitter

By Jason Boog 

twitteragain.pngTwitter has become a new home for book reviewers, as they share recommendations, spread links, and review books in 140-character bursts. To celebrate this new kind of criticism, GalleyCat Reviews is building a directory of the best book review content on Twitter.

We’ve collected these writers in a handy Twitter list, but after the jump, you can explore our growing collection of reviewers–they are listed alphabetically with links to each feed.

This is not a comprehensive list, yet. Add your favorite Twitter reviewers in the comments section. We will constantly update the directory, just like our Best Editors Twitter list and our Best Book Publicity and Marketing Twitter Feeds directory.

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Sam Anderson: “New York magazine book critic.”

Mark Athitakis “Writer, editor, proprietor of American Fiction Notes.”

Attic Salt: “Book reviews, literary news, author interviews and more.”

AurealisXpress: “aurealisXpress is a monthly ebulletin for subscribers of Aurealis magazine.”

Cherylynne W. Bago: “I love YA and children’s literature. I’m Children’s Lead at Barnes and Noble and trying to be a YA writer!”

Barrelhouse: “DC based, pop culture obsessed literary magazine”

Mike Berry: “San Francisco Chronicle Book Columnist. Marketing Copywriter. Cheap Ironist.”

Boldtype: “Boldtype is a weekly book digest delivering commentary on literature and developments in the literary world.”

Book Browse: “Book reviews & recommendations, back-stories, online magazines, book club advice, discussion guides and more.”

Bookfoolery: “Moderately insane bibliophilic blogger who has not yet been hauled away by authorities”

The Book Journal: “providing honest book reviews.”

Book Pleasures: “Norm, Publisher and Editor Top 500 Reviewer”

BookRabbit: “Bringing your bookshelf to life – a social network for book lovers”

The Bookslut: Jessa Crispin blogs from Berlin.

ThBookWhisperer: “Book blogger who lives, breathes & dreams books!”

Janet Boyer: “Author of Back in Time Tarot; Amazon Top 10/Vine Reviewer; Book Maven/Blogger; Homeschooling Mom; Adored Wife; Tarot Reader/Teacher; Influencer”

Robert Burdock: “A book-sniffing weirdo who loves nothing more than being surrounded by dead trees”

Edward Champion: “Writer of dubious regard”

Ron Charles: “Washington Post Book World, Fiction Editor and weekly critic.”

Jane Ciabattari: National Book Critics Circle president.

The Collagist: “A new literary magazine from Dzanc Books, launching in August 2009”

Steve Cunningham: “CEO of digital marketing agency and business education startup. Social media book reviewer for @mashable. Write for @bizmore. Love life.”

Dear Author: “Blogging about romance books, publishing and digital book technology”

Lauren Elkin: “literary critic, novelist, professor, blogger, & hoarder of books”

Erin–Books in 140: “Book reviews. In 140 characters. Also: coffee addict, tv addict, pop culture addict, giant.”

Julie Forrest: “Book lover, social media geek, blogger, mother and digital marketer @ Random House CA”

Fiction Writers Review: “Reviews, interviews, and essays by, for, and about emerging writers. Fiction matters!”

Michele Filgate: “I’m the Events Coordinator at RiverRun Bookstore, and I’m also a writer and member of the National Book Critics Circle.”

Flashlight Worthy Book Recommendations: “Recommending books so good, they’ll keep you up past your bedtime.”

Janette Fuller: “My Thank-You Project, Social Media, Blogger, Book Reviewer, Librarian, Children’s Literature Enthusiast, eBay, Card Making”

GenreReviewer: “I review genre novels and nonfiction books on what life is like in other cultures, religions, and historical eras.

Rob Gokee: “Born and raised in SoCal, composer for film and TV & author of the @FailWhaleBook. I’m a jack of no trades. But I’m damn funny.”

Sara Habein: “writing, obsessive music pondering, misc. thoughtery”

Margo Hammond: “Co-author, ‘Between the Covers: The Book Babes’ Guide to a Woman’s Reading'”

Janice Harayda: “Critic, novelist, journalist, editor of One-Minute Book Reviews.”

David Hebblethwaite: “Book blogger on the lookout for extraordinary books of all kinds.”

Lesa Holstine: “Book reviewer, book blogger & librarian.”

Horror News Net: HORRORNEWS.NET Official Site FREE Horror Horror news Horror reviews DVD reviews Book reviews”

Jennifer Howard: “writer, journalist, gadabout. writes fiction and non. covers publishing, schol comm, libraries & archives for the Chronicle of Higher Ed”

Wayne Hurlbert: “Blogger, social media, SEO consultant, speaker, business book reviewer, Blog Business Success host on BlogTalkRadio”

Susanna K. Hutcheson: “Copywriter, journalist, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, photographer, collector of vintage ads, fountain pens, book reviewer and a hell of a lot of fun.”

I just finished: “Book Lovers Community!”

International Review of Books
: “Professional reviews of important books.”

IPBookReviewer: “Professional Book Reviewer.”

Geeta Jensen: “Geeta Jensen writes about books and life”

Sarah Johnson: “Librarian, reader’s advisor, author of reference books. I edit the Historical Novels Review and review historical fiction for Booklist, NoveList, and my blog.”

Sam Jordison: “writes blogs about books for the guardian and books like Sod That and Crap Towns for the bog”

Ron Kaplan: “Baseball. Also blog Jews and sports.”

Katlogictalk: Award winning Blogger of Kat Logic, published author, book reviewer, business owner.

Carolyn Kellogg “LA Times book blogger, critic, procrastinator, writer. In that order.”

Kirkus Reviews: “Kirkus Reviews has been reviewing books since 1933. Approx 5000 books 2/3 months pre-pub per year.”

Gary Krist: Author of Six Fiction/Nonfiction Books, Tweeting on Books, Politics, Wine, Chicago, Travel, and Crosswords

Largehearted Boy: “I offer short reviews for both the Book Notes feature and my 52 Books, 52 Weeks feature.”

Caroline Leavitt: “have published 8 novels. Also a screenwriter, freelance book editor/consultant, Boston Globe columnist, critic at People, UCLA writing teacher”

Library Journal: “Library views, news, and book reviews from LJ staffers.”

Literary Minded: Angela Meyer, Literary blogger for Australian online media service Crikey, fiction writer, edits Bookseller+Publisher. Tweets are bookish, absurd, pop cultural and personal

Local Talent Books & Music: Giving regional authors and musicians a shout-out.”

Jennifer M.: “Avid book reader and blogger from New York!”

Rohan Maitzen: “English professor, reader, critic, mom”

James Marcus: NBCC board, proprietor of House of Mirth blog

Regina Marler: “All-around wordsmith. Author of Bloomsbury Pie, editor of Queer Beats. Also write for the NY Times, LA Times, Advocate, and whoever will pay me.”

Laura Miller: “Writer for Salon + NY Times, author of Magician’s Book: Skeptic’s Adventures in Narnia”

The Millions: “by C. Max Magee, founding editor of The Millions”

Monie: Fiction book reviewer. Love cozies, paranormal, suspense and romance.

Marie Mundaca “140 ch book reviews from a dilettante lit critic.”

NBCC Book Critics: National Book Critics Circle Board of Directors

NetGalley: “a website where reviewers can request & read galleys from publishers.”

Maud Newton: “Writer, blogger, editor, neurotic.”

Open Letters Monthly: “An Arts and Literature Review.”

M.A. Orthofer: the Complete Review + the Literary Saloon

Bethanne Patrick (AKA The Book Maven): “Blogger, book reviewer, author interviewer, author –but above all, a reader.”

G Reba: “Avid book reader, book reviewer, all around lover of the written word, music, movies, and of course my dogs!”

H E Saunders: “Voracious Reader, Novel Writer, Manuscript Editor, Book Lover.”

John Scalzi: “I enjoy pie.”

Maria Schneider: “Freelance writer, editor, blogger, forum hostess, book reviewer, former editor of a writing magazine you’ve probably heard of. Wants to eradicate the semicolon.”

Toni Scime: “Librarian.”

John Self: “Writes about books on a ‘blog.'”

Jenny Shank: “Books & Writers Editor of Newwest.Net/Books, author of the novel THE RINGER (2011).”

Jacob Silverman: “writer, VQR blogger”

Clea Simon: “I’m an author, but I always tweet my book reviews for the Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix, and Galleycat.”

Rebecca Skloot: “Writer (NYTMag, O, Slate, etc), Author of *THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS* (aka #HeLa) in stores 2/2/10, Contributing Editor, Popular Science”

Lizzie Skurnick: “NBCC board and Jezebel blogger”

Ron Slate: “mainly poetry, literary fiction and non-fiction.”

SF Signal: “A group science fiction blog”

PD Smith: “Writer, reader & photographer. Reviewer for the Guardian & other journals. Author of 3 books, including Doomsday Men (Penguin). Now writing a history of cities.”

Susan aka LaTonya: “Wannabe bohemian mama, loc-wearin’, veg-head, feminist, activist, writer.”

Tamoor: “Astrology, Teaching Metaphysics since 1972, EFT, Award Winning Fantasy Author, dragons, fairies, wizards, book reviews, gold panning, Labradoodles”

Rhys Tranter: “I write on A Piece of Monologue: Literature, Philosophy & Critical Theory”

Anne Trubek: “Writer, professor, rust-belter.”

Variety SF: “Tinkoo Valia trying to figure out science fiction.”

Volume 1 Brooklyn: “A culture blog for the literary-minded.”

Sarah Weinman “crime fiction columnist for the LA Times and B&N Review; publishing reporter for AOL’s DailyFinance; and other freelance adventures.”