BBC Radio 4 to Adapt Neil Gaiman’s Stardust

By Maryann Yin 

Stardust Paperback (GalleyCat)BBC Radio 4 has announced plans to create a Stardust radio adaptation. The story comes from Neil Gaiman’s 1999 novel.

According to Gaiman’s blog post, the air date has been scheduled for December 2016. Gaiman promised that fans can listen to Stardust regardless of whether or not they reside in the United Kingdom through the BBC iPlayer app.

Here’s more from RadioTimes: “Adapted by Neverwhere and Good Omens director Dirk Maggs, the two-part drama will follow the story of Tristran Thorn, a young man on Earth who ends up crossing to a magical dimension to seek a fallen star for the woman he loves. Upon finding it, however, Tristran realises that the star has become a young woman called Yvaine – and with other star-hunters on their tail, the pair must band together to travel the land of Fairie and escape the danger.” (via The BBC)