AP & RosettaBooks Publish Peter Arnett’s Memoir

By Dianna Dilworth 

The Associated Press and RosettaBooks have teamed up to publish a new memoir from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Peter Arnett.

The title, “Saigon Has Fallen,” represents the first in a series of books that the publisher and the news organization plan to put out in a new collaboration on history. The release has been timed to the 40th anniversary of the Fall of Saigon. In the memoir, Arnett will tell the story of covering the controversial Vietnam War for The Associated Press from 1962 to the end of the war, April 30, 1975.

“These recollections of Peter’s time in Vietnam, from the early Kennedy years, to America’s full involvement under Lyndon Johnson, to the fall of Saigon and his emotional return to Vietnam years later are, to me, the indelible, dramatic and inspiring record of a great journalist recording living history,” stated Roger Cooper, Associate Publisher at Large at RosettaBooks.