Anti-Vaccine Book Gets Bad Reviews on Amazon

By Dianna Dilworth 

Melanie’s Marvelous Measles, a self-published children’s book by Stephanie Messenger, is taking some heat for its anti-vaccine message.

Angry parents are not amused by the book’s pro-measles message and have taken to Amazon to leave bad reviews of the book. The book has 1.8 stars.

“My infant daughter went blind after contracting measles from an unvaccinated child, and yet there’s no braille version of this wonderful book for me to give her someday to explain to her how awesome the disease that took her sight away is,” wrote Seabisquick.

“I can only presume that the author was born after the successful vaccination programme made people complacent about the dangers of measles,” wrote Deborah Cowell. “I was not so lucky. In the epidemic of my childhood I was nearly blinded, and still have scars on my eyeballs. I was the lucky member of the family; my sister died from complications. Measles kills children. This book is irresponsible and misleading at best. At worst it could lead to the death of a child.”

“I recently purchased this book and was disappointed to discover that it does not come with a bit of measles in it,” wrote Mallowpufft. “I was really hoping to give my kids a difficult to treat, potentially life threatening and disfiguring disease. Oh well, off to find some polio samples so they can spend a few years in an iron lung.” (Via Salon).