Amazon Japan to Release a Kindle Paperwhite For Manga Readers

By Maryann Yin 

amazon304Amazon Japan announced plans to launch a new Kindle Paperwhite for manga readers. According to The Japan Times, this eReader features 32GB of memory which will hold about 700 manga comic books.

The device retails for ¥16,280 (which comes to approximately $157 USD). Prime subscribers will be able to purchase it for ¥12,280 (which comes to approximately $118 USD).

Here’s more from Ars Technica: “The manga model Kindle Paperwhite also has the same 300ppi display of the newest, regular Paperwhite, and it should get up to six weeks of reading time between charges. The Kindle Paperwhite that’s available worldwide has 4GB of storage, which is more than enough for holding books for the average reader. But for graphic-heavy titles, more storage is essential.” (via The Verge)