Amazon Brings Feature For Blind Readers to Kindle

By Dianna Dilworth 

Amazon has brought a tool to help the visually impaired and blind readers access content on their Kindles.

The VoiceView feature has been available on Fire tablets for some time, but now the service is available on the Kindle Paperwhite device as well. The feature uses text-to-speech voices to e-books so that visually impaired readers can access e-books. The tool allows readers to follow along linearly and use touch navigation. Here is more from Amazon’s blog:

Visually impaired customers will be able to use VoiceView for Kindle with the new Kindle Audio Adapter—an Amazon-designed USB audio dongle—to connect headphones or speakers, which then allows the ability to listen to and navigate the user interface, in addition to listening to books. The Kindle Audio Adapter was designed specifically to be used with VoiceView for Kindle.