Amazon & Bowker Apply for .book Internet Domain Name Extension

By Jason Boog Comment

Nine different companies have applied for the undoubtedly useful .book Internet domain name extension, including major publishing companies Amazon and R.R. Bowker. Follow this link to see the complete list of new extension applications.

Blogger Mike Cane has compiled some extensive research into the companies vying for the .book domain.

FThe Internet Corporation for Assigned Named and Numbers (ICANN) has opened its “New generic Top-Level Domain Program,” encouraging groups to apply for Internet domain name extensions beyond the most common extensions: “.com,” “.net” or “.org.”  Soon Internet addresses can include a vast number of new extensions, like .book.

CNET has more: “Domains such as .home, .free, and .movie were among the names with multiple applicants. ICANN officials said they encourage different parties to work together and partner on domain names, saying it would give priority to community-based TLD applications … While brands will simply get their names because they have the trademarks, there will be cases that are less clear cut. The next couple of months is an open comment period in which anyone can file a complaint. Companies, and even governments, can object.”

Click here if you want to submit a comment on the .Book extension. As of this writing, no one had submitted a comment about the new domain. Below, we’ve listed the nine companies that applied for the .book extension.

1. Bronze Registry Limited
2. DotBook
3. Top Level Domain Holdings Limited VG
5. Charleston Road Registry Inc.
6. Amazon EU
7. Double Bloom, LLC
8. Global Domain Registry Pty Ltd
9. R.R. Bowker LLC

UPDATE: Google was among the bidders for the .book extension. Here’s more from “ICANN still must review the proposed addresses and deal with any complaints over trademark violations. It will likely hold auctions for some proposed domains with multiple applicants. Google (GOOG) and (AMZN) have applied for some of the same Internet domains, including .app, .book, .buy, .cloud, .game, .mail, .movies, .music, .play and .store.” (Via Mike Cane)