App Tips for Children’s Book & Comic Creators

By Jason Boog 

Many writers want to put their stories on tablets and other mobile devices, but few writers have the strategy (or budget) to do it. Today Kwik creator Alex Souza offered three tips for better app design– a peek at his App Building 101 presentation at our Publishing App Expo on December 7-8.

With Souza’s Kwik plugin for Photoshop, children’s book writers and comic book creators can create mobile versions of their stories straight from Photoshop files. Once you create a mobile version of your work, Souza had a few suggestions for the best way to use this new format.

If you want to learn more, join us at the Publishing App Expo in December. For writers on a budget, you can register for a one-day pass or a one-track pass to focus on the DIY part of the conference.

3 App Tips for Children’s Book & Comic Creators

1. Avoid design on the fly. Have your project defined (what happens in each page – animations, interactions, activities, etc) before using any tool. It is easier to get fooled with so many features the development tools offers. Focus on a good story first, technology should support it.

2. Start with one platform first, then move to other platforms later. Usually start with iOS, as Apple’s users tend to pay premium for their apps. Learn with the first platform launch before trying to reach other audiences. It is hard to spend time in many different stores at the same time. Get the first feedback, improve, then move to another market.

3. Create a site with a quick video showing what is the app about. Also think about your marketing plan. Unfortunately with thousands of apps available, not always a good story will rank well without marketing activities. Blog, tweet, ‘Facebook’ about it. Send it to reviewers.