2016 Presidential Candidates to Receive Copies of The Torture Report

By Maryann Yin Comment

Committee Report on Torture Cover (GalleyCat)Melville House will give away the Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture to several 2016 presidential race candidates.

Of the sixteen people who have announced their intentions to run in this forthcoming election, only four have spoken out against the act of torture: Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former Governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley, and United States Senator of Vermont Bernie Sanders. The team decided to send five copies of the book and a letter to the remaining twelve contenders who have not publicly denounced torture.

According to the press release, the letter reads: “Please accept the enclosed copies of The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture, compliments of Melville House. We hope you’ll read and share these copies with your staff and advisers, and that they will help you clarify your position on the legality, morality, and efficacy of torture.”