April 20, 2020 | 3:00PM

Artificial intelligence has permeated our daily lives, with marketers embedding the technology into their campaigns, customer experience and business ventures. Allowing for a deeper understanding of consumers’ habits and purchasing behaviors, AI provides opportunities for marketers to zero in on customers and personalize at scale.

This virtual event will feature two actionable live presentations, each followed by an interactive audience Q&A hosted by Adweek Editor and Senior Vice President of Programming, Lisa Granatstein.



Opening Remarks
Entertainment in the Age of AI: Hollywood, Influencers + New Age Tech

As digital content continues to influence human consumption patterns and behaviors, the future of brand integration will be driven by a marketer's ability to leverage AI and data science to determine the right content and audiences to prioritize, ultimately driving conversions. Presented by BEN.

Ricky Ray Butler
Chief Executive Officer, BEN
Accelerating Our Planet and Industry With AI

AI has proven itself critical in addressing real-world challenges affecting our planet. Learn how the same technology is being applied to help our industry at large. Presented by IBM Watson Advertising.

Janna Ritzcovan Synovec
Head of Brand Marketing & Sales Enablement, IBM Watson Media & Weather.
Anya Ware
Technology Leader, IBM Watson Advertising

Past Attendees

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