Zynga’s Spooky Cool Labs launches Hit It Rich: Casino Slots on Facebook

Image via Zynga

Zynga may have recently halted its push into real-money gaming, but the company’s line of digital casino offerings has expanded with the launch of Hit it Rich: Casino Slots on Facebook. The game comes from Spooky Cool Labs, which Zynga acquired in June specifically for the purpose of building social casino games.

Spooky Cool Labs previously released a Wizard of Oz themed city-builder, and the Oz license went to Zynga during the acquisition. As a result, Hit It Rich: Casino Slots places a heavy focus on The Wizard of Oz brand, along with other brands including Beetle Bailey, Blondie and more.

Image via Zynga

In Hit It Rich: Casino Slots, players have access to the many bells and whistles that are now standard in the digital casino genre, including a max bet button, full-screen play, and auto-spin capabilities of up to 100 spins at a time. Different machines come with different minimum bets and bonus games, but since so many machines are unlocked right from the beginning, players can try a little bit of everything to find a game that suits them best.

Players earn experience points relative to the amount of money they bet on each spin. At each level up, players are given bonus coins and points for the game’s High Roller Rewards system, in addition to increased maximum bets.

The High Roller Rewards system is a loyalty program of sorts, with different tiers and benefits. Players earn points by making purchases or by simply playing the game, and they’ll receive free bonuses, even more free coins, exclusive deals, “enhanced customer service” and “exclusive content” depending on their current tier.

Image via Zynga

Hit It Rich: Casino Slots is now available to play for free on Facebook. The game is coming soon to Android, iPhone and iPad devices. The game has 246,000 monthly active players, according to our app tracking service AppData, gaining over 171,000 of those users in the last seven days.