Zynga’s new titles top this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU

Zynga’s two newest games appeared at the top of our list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users. The developer’s latest game, The Ville, took the No. 1 spot with 16.4 million MAU for a 102 percent gain now that Zynga’s turned on cross-promotion for the game.

EA’s SimCity Social came in at No. 2 with 3.6 million MAU, a 51 percent increase. Social Point’s Dragon City took the No. 3 spot with its 1.5 million MAU, a 29 percent increase. FreshPlanet’s SongPop continues to enjoy steady growth, up by 1.1 million MAU for a 12 percent gain. Finally, Zynga’s Ruby Blast (released late last month) grew by 870,000 MAU for a 105 percent increase.

Five other games on this week’s list showed gains larger than 25 percent. Soft Reklam’s Super Texas Holdem Poker was up by 350,000 MAU for a 583 percent increase. Happy Elements’s Chinese-language RPG 我的傳奇 (“The Legend”) grew 69 percent with 340,000 MAU. Qublix’s Jewel Kingdom took in 300,000 MAU for a 27 percent increase. Product Madness’s Hollywood Slots was up by 210,000 MAU for a 38 percent gain. Finally, Temple Ruin, which seems to be a clone of Imangi’s iOS hit Temple Run, grew by 27 percent with its 139,159 MAU.

1. The Ville32,500,000+16,400,000+ 102%
2. SimCity Social10,700,000+3,600,000+ 51%
3. Dragon City7,500,000+1,500,000+ 29%
4. SongPop11,400,000+1,100,000+ 12%
5. Ruby Blast1,700,000+870,000+ 105%
6. Zynga Slingo12,900,000+700,000+ 6%
7. The Sims Social16,300,000+500,000+ 3%
8. Diamond Dash18,000,000+500,000+ 3%
9. Texas HoldEm Poker35,500,000+400,000+ 1%
10. Super Texas Holdem Poker410,000+350,000+ 583%
11. 我的傳奇830,000+340,000+ 69%
12. Jewel Kingdom1,400,000+300,000+ 27%
13. 8 Ball Pool4,000,000+300,000+ 11%
14. Hollywood Slots770,000+210,000+ 38%
15. Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood1,300,000+200,000+ 18%
16. War Commander2,300,000+200,000+ 10%
17. Candy Crush Saga13,400,000+200,000+ 2%
18. Monster World7,000,000+200,000+ 3%
19. Pool Live Tour10,400,000+200,000+ 2%
20. Temple Ruin659,159+139,159+ 27%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for our look at the fastest-growing games by daily active users on Wednesday and top emerging apps on Friday.