Zynga wins big among this week’s fastest-growing Facebook games by MAU

Zynga Slingo took the top spot on this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users, bringing in 22.5 million MAU for a 170 percent increase.

Zynga had several titles show substantial gains this week, both in the top five positions and throughout the rest of the list. ChefVille took No. 2 with 21.2 million MAU for an 83 percent increase. Adventure World — which has generally seen its numbers declining since October 2011 — was up by 1.5 million MAU for a 60 percent increase, letting it take the No. 3 position. CastleVille surged by 900,000 MAU for a 6 percent increase and took the No. 4 spot. Finally, Texas HoldEm Poker snagged the No. 5 placing with 900,000 MAU for a 3 percent gain.

Likewise, Zynga also had some of its titles show up further down the list. FarmVille was up by 600,000 MAU for a 3 percent gain. Ruby Blast grabbed 400,000 MAU for a 13 percent increase. Finally, Hidden Chronicles took in 200,000 MAU for a 2 percent swell.

Six other games on the list showed gain percentages of 20 percent or greater. THX Games’s trivia game Saif Almarifa was up by 300,000 MAU for a 63 percent increase. Peak Games’s Lost Jewels took in 280,000 MAU for a 100 percent gain. FunPlus Game’s Family Farm grabbed 200,000 MAU for a 20 percent increase. Disney Playdom’s Threads of Mystery grew by 190,000 MAU for a 46 percent increase. RockYou and Eyes Wide Games’s The Walking Dead Social Game was up by 180,000 MAU for a 22 percent gain. Finally, Murzik’s Bubble Pirate Quest took on 170,000 MAU for a 43 percent increase.

1.  Zynga Slingo35,700,000+22,500,000+ 170%
2.  ChefVille46,700,000+21,200,000+ 83%
3.  Adventure World – An Indiana Jones Game4,000,000+1,500,000+ 60%
4.  CastleVille17,200,000+900,000+ 6%
5.  Texas HoldEm Poker36,400,000+900,000+ 3%
6.  SongPop18,000,000+700,000+ 4%
7.  FarmVille18,800,000+600,000+ 3%
8.  Ruby Blast3,600,000+400,000+ 13%
9.  Candy Crush Saga14,500,000+400,000+ 3%
10.  Diamond Dash19,900,000+400,000+ 2%
11.  Dragon City11,500,000+300,000+ 3%
12.  Lucky Slots4,100,000+300,000+ 8%
13.  Saif Almarifa780,000+300,000+ 63%
14.  Lost Jewels560,000+280,000+ 100%
15.  Family Farm1,200,000+200,000+ 20%
16.  SlotSpot Casino2,000,000+200,000+ 11%
17.  Hidden Chronicles10,700,000+200,000+ 2%
18.  Threads of Mystery600,000+190,000+ 46%
19.  The Walking Dead Social Game1,000,000+180,000+ 22%
20.  Bubble Pirate Quest570,000+170,000+ 43%

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for our look at the fastest-growing games by daily active users later today and top emerging apps on Friday.

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