Zynga unveils Matching With Friends, the latest addition to the With Friends franchise

Zynga’s latest mobile game is the social puzzle game Matching With Friends.

The game challenges players to match three or more colored tiles over the course of 11 asynchronous turns. Matching tiles on bonus spots or making matches with a player’s bonus color provides bigger bonuses. Players are given three sets of colored tiles every turn and can swap out their tiles in exchange for coins, which are available via in-app purchase like in other With Friends titles.

Currently players can challenge their Facebook friends and random player to matches. We asked Zynga senior marketing manager Tim Hsu when players would be able to compete against their zFriends in the newly announced Zynga With Friends social network, but the company isn’t revealing when that feature will go live.

Zynga’s With Friends games have been some of the company’s most successful titles on mobile, so it’s unsurprising to see the company continuing to expand on the formula.  According to our traffic tracking service AppData, the free versions of Words With Friends, Hanging with Friends and Scramble With Friends are currently the No. 366, No. 166, and No. 72 top grossing apps in the iTunes App Store. The paid versions hold the No. 29, No. 128 and No. 15 spots on the top grossing apps chart.

Matching With Friends is available in both a free and a premium, ad free version for $2.99.