Zynga to Shutter CityVille this Spring

The once dominant city-builder will close this April.


Social games company Zynga has announced it will be closing CityVille on Facebook, marking the end of an era for the once-mega city-building game. As first spotted by CEGamers, CityVille will close its doors on April 30.

CityVille launched on Facebook in late 2010, and was, for a time, not only the top game in Zynga’s portfolio, but was also behind some staggering user numbers, with over 100 million monthly active users.

Appropriately, CityVille was once a top franchise for Zynga, spawning the development of an, albeit short-lived, Facebook sequel in CityVille 2, a mobile spin-off (CityVille Hometown) and even the creation of a real-world CityVille Monopoly board game and other toys. However, as players, and even Zynga itself, have shifted their attention away from Facebook to mobile platforms, many games aren’t able to command the audience attention they once did, and game closures aren’t uncommon.

While Zynga might be closing CityVille, fans of the developer have much to look forward to, in the form of new mobile games, set for release this year. For instance, Zynga announced two new projects in its most recent earnings call. A third game, Empires & Allies, is a resurrection of a previously closed Facebook title of the same name, but given a modern setting and new gameplay to appeal to mobile gamers.

As is tradition with Zynga’s Facebook game closures, CityVille players are being rewarded for their loyalty with free in-game content in other Zynga titles (in this case, either FarmVille 2 or CastleVille Legends). More information on those rewards is available on the CityVille Facebook fan page.

Readers: Are you sad to see CityVille close its doors? Are you still actively playing any of Zynga’s Facebook games?