Zynga to Reward Gamers With Virtual Currency To Play Zynga Games

Zynga Logo Zynga will now be offering rewards to its millions of social gamers to play Zynga games even more. The social gaming giant bought out a domain name Rewardville, which lead to a lot of speculations as to what Zynga plans to do with this new domain. It turns out that instead of being the name of yet another Facebook game, Rewardville would be used to pay out rewards to players of Zynga games.

Zynga has not made any official announcements about the program, but the fact that the site is live with all the necessary information and functionality pretty much sums up that the rewards program is in place. An important caveat of Zynga rewards is that you can not redeem the rewards for real cash, but can only use the rewards to get Zynga’s virtual currency – which can then be used to buy virtual goods across the wide array of Zynga games.

Zynga rewards involve zCoins and zPoints. zPoints are earned by playing Zynga games. A user can earn a maximum of 80 zPoints per game each day, with a maximum of 300 points across all Zynga games. By accumulating zPoints, you can increase your zLevel and earn zCoins (Zynga’s virtual currency), which can then be used to purchase game items.

FarmVille, FrontierVille, Mafia Wars, Treasure Isle and Zynga Poker are currently part of the rewards program. Zynga do mentions it on the site that it would soon be adding other games (including the hit CityVille) to the rewards program.

Zynga has issued the following statement regarding Rewardville:

As a company focused on innovation we’re constantly testing new products and features. When experimenting with new products we take the feedback we receive and apply it to deliver the best possible user experience. We look forward to hearing how our users like RewardVille.

Another point to note about the rewards program is that Zynga users would have to make a separate user account on Rewardville site, and unlike Zynga games the rewards wont work with the Facebook login. The real motivation of this move is beyond us, but may be Zynga wants to have its own database of user credentials as an alternate to relying solely for Facebook Pages and other Facebook provided tools to communicate with its gamers.