Zynga to Feed Mafia Wars Addiction by Testing SMS

MafiaWars.jpgAs if enough Facebook members aren’t addicted to Mafia Wars, now Zynga is testing SMS notifications for the mob game, allowing players to receive text updates on their mobile phones, TechCrunch reported.

Zynga product manager Curtis Lee told TechCrunch Mafia Wars was the ideal test case because it’s text-based, while Farmville and other Zynga games are in Flash, adding that the feature will go live for about 10% of Mafia Wars players initially.

Lee added that players will be able to disable messages during certain time frames and adjust message frequency.

Russian investment group Digital Sky Technologies made strides toward starting a Mafia Wars family of its own last week, as the company upped its stake in Facebook to more than 5% and led a $180 million investment round in Zynga.