Zynga Spent Nearly $20M on Acquiring Four Companies in the Third Quarter

Zynga spent close to $20 million on acquiring four additional companies in the third quarter, an analysis of the company’s amended IPO filings show.

In a filing submitted today that shared the company’s third quarter performance, the company said it spent a total of $40.6 million on buying 13 companies through the end of September. That’s up from $20.8 million it said it spent on nine companies through the first half of the year, in an older filing.

Assuming it was announced right when the deal closed, one of the four companies is known. It might be Toronto’s Five Mobile, which was a gun-for-hire studio that large brands would partner with to build their own mobile apps. That deal was announced in July.

The three others are unconfirmed. New York’s Astro Ape Studios was said to be another acquisition when the company’s executives all changed their LinkedIn job descriptions to that of Zynga employees. But Zynga never confirmed nor denied the deal.

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