Zynga Slingo and The Sims Social this week’s gainer and loser among April’s Top 25 games

Now that the end of April is in sight, it’s time to start looking at the top half of the Top 25 Facebook Games in April. These games have much larger numbers of daily active users than lower-placed titles do; so while traffic may change significantly, a game’s position on the list may be unaffected for a while.

Here’s what we’ve looked at so far this month:

  • April 5, 2012: No. 25 (Café World) through No. 19 (Pool Live Tour).
  • April 12, 2012: No. 18 (Slotomania – Slot Machines) through No. 13 (Happy Farm)

This week, we take a look at No. 12 through No. 7.

T12. The Sims Social

EA’s The Sims Social continues to lose traffic, falling to 2.6 million DAU from its September 2011 peak of 11.25 million DAU. EA launched an expansion in late March that allowed players to provide their Sims with Careers, which temporarily brought the number of players in the game up to 3 million DAU, but interest waned over the past two weeks. At the beginning of March The Sims Social was tied for the No. 9 spot, but its declining traffic put it at a tie for No. 12 going into April. Assuming DAU continues to fall at this rate, the game will probably appear around No. 15 or No. 16 next month.

11. Bejeweled Blitz

EA PopCap’s Bejeweled Blitz seems to be holding steady at approximately 3.2 million DAU.  The 2010 puzzle game is still performing well above its November 2011 low point of 2.5 million DAU, but it’s currently nowhere near October 2010’s 4.6 million DAU peak. It seems unlikely that Bejeweled Blitz’s position will change much (if at all) in the May Top 25.

10. Zynga Slingo

After a 600,000 DAU jump at the start of April, Zynga Slingo is holding steady around 4.2 million DAU. The game launched in February and has quickly climbed the charts, regularly appearing on recent lists of fastest-growing Facebook games by both DAU and monthly active user. The game seems to have hit a ceiling for now, and as it stands a 600,000 DAU gain may not be enough to move Zynga Slingo any further up the chart.

9. Diamond Dash

Diamond Dash is yet another wooga game with a long history of slow, constant DAU growth. Like wooga’s other games, Diamond Dash saw larger-than-normal traffic in March, leading to a high point of 4.7 million DAU. Going into April, however, DAU had dropped to 4.1 million and is only now beginning to pick up again. 4.6 million DAU secured Diamond Dash the No. 8 spot on our list in March so it may return to that position in May, but it seems unlikely that the game will climb any higher for next month’s Top 25.

8. Tetris Battle

Tetris Online’s Tetris Battle is down to 3.7 million DAU since returning to its peak of 4.2 million at the beginning of April, the highest point of traffic the classic puzzle game has seen since its July 2010 launch. The game’s been in a bit of a holding pattern since it first hit 4.2 million DAU in early March, occasionally returning to peak levels and then dropping off again. Tetris Battle’s will likely fall a couple of spots in May if its traffic continues this pattern and stays lower than that of both Zynga Slingo and Diamond Dash,

7. FarmVille

Zynga’s FarmVille continues to lose traffic, down to 4.9 million DAU from 5.1 million at the beginning of the month.FarmVille’s numbers have been steadily and noticeably dwindling since December 2010, when the game still had 16.5 million DAU. The increasingly-large gaps between titles at this point of the Top 25 list could mean FarmVille stays at No. 7 for another month, provided no other titles are able to climb past 4.7 million DAU.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppDataStay tuned for next week’s continuation of our Top 25 gainers and losers, when we look at No. 12 through No. 7 on the list.

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