Zynga shuts down Indiana Jones Adventure World

Zynga announced via the Indiana Jones Adventure World Facebook page that it will shut down the game on Jan. 14, 2012. Zynga said that it made the hard choice to shut down the game in order “make room for future offerings.”

Starting today, Adventure World Indiana Jones is no longer available to new players and will no longer be accepting payments.

Our Appdata shows that Indiana Jones Adventure World is currently Zynga’s No. 22 most popular app with 1.2 million MAU and 60,000 DAU.

The game, originally named Adventure World, made a strong debut last year as the then No.9 fastest growing Facebook game by MAU, but failed to capitalize on those numbers. In September 2011 Zynga and LucasFilm announced a partnership that will infuse Adventure World with the Indiana Jones license, but this too failed to keep its numbers up.

Zynga also said that it will provide Adventure World players with bonus packages that will encourage them to move on to other Zynga games.