Zynga reveals Zynga API for third-party developers

Zynga’s chief engineer Kostadis Roussos announced the new Zynga API at today’s Zynga Unleashed event available to third party developers.

The  API is designed to cut out backend servers by integrating Zynga’s standard game services. Zynga Slots was the test game for this API, but he says the API is rolling it out to other companies now.

The API was revealed at the end of Roussos’s presentation during Zynga Unleashed, bookending a discussion about the technology Zynga employs to build its games. Roussos also mentioned how the company uses zCloud, the world’s largest hybrid cloud server to launch a game and grow it to up to 10 million players in a week.

By offering these services, Zynga could potentially lure developers away from Facebook to launching Zynga.com-exclusive games. At present, however, Zynga says that a Facebook version of a game is require to be eligible for its partner publisher services. Zynga.com currently only processes payments via Facebook’s payments system.