Zynga reveals New Words with Friends for Facebook, mobile


Words with Friends celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, and with that comes the announcement of a refreshed version of the game, complete with new fan-requested features. The New Words with Friends will introduce a streamlined user interface to players on both Facebook and mobile platforms, in addition to new player profiles and word statistics.

image003The biggest update to Words with Friends will be the dictionary, complete with audio support for hearing word pronunciations. The dictionary offers word origins and word rarity, so players can see how often they’re played across the entire game. Each word will also show profile pictures of users who have played those words, as part of the game’s updated player profiles.

These profiles will carry over all historical statistics from the original version of Words with Friends, including win-loss ratios, highest scoring words and even online status, creating a more immersive social experience for fans. All currently active games will also carry over without resetting.

For players that can’t get enough Words with Friends, the new game will offer a Word Coach mode. This is comparable to a single-player mode, as players will be able to practice their high scoring tile placements and word combinations in games against the Word Coach.

The New Words with Friends experience will launch simultaneously on both Facebook and mobile devices. Its expected to release to players worldwide before the end of Q2 2014.

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