Zynga Reveals New Details for Looney Tunes Dash on Mobile

After announcing its partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in August 2014, social and mobile game company Zynga has revealed new details concerning its upcoming mobile runner, called Looney Tunes Dash. The game sees players jumping into the roles of Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Road Runner and more, as they run away from each hero’s appropriate enemy. For instance, Bugs Bunny runs away from Elmer Fudd, while Tweety tries to escape from Sylvester, and so on.

Looney Tunes Dash_Bugs and TazIn each level of Looney Tunes Dash, players will have objectives to complete other than simply running through an endless course. In the game’s trailer, for instance, we see Tweety eventually escaping to Grandma’s house at the end of a stage. Gameplay will include jumping, sliding and smashing into or around obstacles as players run, with each character having a special ability that can be unleashed while playing. Coins will be scattered on the screen for collection, and players will earn stars and points as they run. Additional details have yet to be revealed.

“In creating Looney Tunes Dash!, we spent a lot of time talking to players and wanted to make a game that met the request we heard most often – “Give me a reason to run and a real sense of progress.” In other words, a runner game that rewards completion – one where you play to master objectives and feel great about completing a tough challenge,” said John vanSuchtelen, general manager of Looney Tunes Dash, on the Zynga blog.

“We’re proud to partner with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment to bring the beloved Looney Tunes brand to mobile. Runner games are built to be fast-paced, high-energy and unpredictably fun, and I can think of no better world than Looney Tunes – filled with falling anvils, wacky gadgets, dramatic explosions, and so much more – to captivate and entertain fans.”

Looney Tunes Dash will roll out to “select markets” this week, and will be available worldwide “soon.” This isn’t the first game in the runner genre from Zynga, as the company released endless runner Stampede Run (originally Running with Friends) in 2013.