Zynga Reportedly Acquires Mobile Gaming Studio Astro Ape

Zynga, the maker of FarmVille and CityVille, is reportedly expanding its mobile presence by acquiring Astro Ape, a New-York based gaming studio. Ever since the Social Gaming giant has started preparing for an IPO, it has been increasingly looking for new big opportunities.

There has been no official confirmation of the deal from either side and both Zynga and Astro Ape are holding their comments at the moment. However, Astro Ape employees have been noted to change their LinkedIn employment and occupations to “Zynga NY”. Astro Ape’s CEO and Co-Founder Chieh Huang has listed himself as Director at Zynga, While Co-Founder Chris Cheung and CTO William Fong Fong are now Director of Game Design and Director of Engineering respectively.

Astro Ape started in 2010 in New Jersey in Fong’s mother’s basement and later moved to New York. Until now Astro Ape has produced a handful of mobile social games, including Office HeroesDesert Heroes, Montsterz Revenge and most recently, Vegas Strip City.

Zynga is on a continuous acquisition spree before its IPO and over the last 14 months the company has acquired 15 companies (Astro Ape would be the 16th) including Toronto’s Five Mobile, Wonderland Software and Newtoy.