Zynga rebrands Running with Friends to Stampede Run, introduces single player mode

Image via Zynga

Zynga has released an updated version of Running with Friends on iOS devices, complete with a new name: Stampede Run. While the game retains the Running with Friends gameplay, which sees players running as long as they can along the streets of Pamplona, Stampede Run now offers a single player mode for limitless play.

Stampede Run is an endless runner in the same vein as Temple Run or Subway Surfers. Its single player mode sees players running for as long as they can, avoiding obstacles including barrels, hay bales, bulls, gates and more, as they work to collect stars and earn points. The single player mode also offers missions to complete over time.

As players run, they’ll encounter power-ups and bonuses, including large bags of coins and coin magnets, which last a limited time. The more coins players collect, the more upgrades they can purchase for the experience, like unlocking the ability to earn coins for sliding into and destroying certain objects on the field, as one example.

Stampede Run now supports complete offline mode, allowing gamers to play the game offline and sync their progress later. Players can now skip through the Facebook Connect option as well for instant access to the game.

The game’s multiplayer mode is still available, seeing users challenging each other in asynchronous games. This includes the game’s in-game chat and competitive leaderboards. The app is still available to download for free on iOS, though an ad-free upgrade is available to purchase for $0.99.

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