Zynga rebrands Dojo Mojo as Ninja Kingdom and finds success on Facebook


Zynga released its second action strategy game, Dojo Mojo, on Facebook in July, challenging players to recover lost treasures from the Evil Shogun and his minions in both single-player and multiplayer combat modes. By October, the game had seemingly already hit its peak at 380,000 monthly active users, according to our app tracking service AppData.

However, rather than giving up on the game, Zynga took a step back, implemented advice from the game’s players, and rebranded the entire package as Ninja Kingdom.

“We initially launched Dojo Mojo in closed beta to listen to players and deliver an action strategy game that they wanted to play,” Tom Casey, VP of Games at Zynga, told us. “After receiving some valuable player feedback, and making other enhancements, we re-named Dojo Mojo to Ninja Kingdom to better reflect the overall goals and features of the game.”


Zynga’s choice was worth the risk of a name-change, as the months since the game’s new launch have seen the app skyrocket in user numbers, climbing to over 4.3 million players today. The game is now Zynga’s fifth most popular Facebook game, behind FarmVille.

“Since re-launching in open beta, Ninja Kingdom has developed a strong community, and we’ll continue to listen to our players to make Ninja Kingdom the best experience possible,” Casey added.

Ninja Kingdom is available to play for free on Facebook. You can follow the game’s continued progress on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.