Zynga Now Officially Using Credits Exclusively in Most of Its Facebook Games

In the culmination of an effort that began in earnest last year, Facebook has gotten Zynga, the largest social game developer on its platform, to start using Credits exclusively in all of its Facebook games. The two companies have just confirmed to us that Zynga has pushed Credits-only direct payment flows to most of its games, as we cover in more detail over on Inside Social Games.

Facebook’s goal is to create a universal virtual currency for all applications on its platform with the stated intention being to increase the volume of spending among users. It’s also taking a 30% cut of all Credits purchases, so the company benefits directly when developers use Credits exclusively.

Although the two companies didn’t say so at the time, Facebook convinced Zynga to make Credits exclusive when the two signed a five-year deal earlier this year. There were no special terms favoring Zynga, or other developers for that matter, Facebook tells us, after we asked about rumors suggesting Zynga and others were getting an ad rebate or other discount in exchange for signing on.

Facebook has not said that Credits has been or will be mandatory for any developer. However it frames the moves in public, developers have told us since last year that Facebook is requiring at least the larger developers to use Credits exclusively in exchange for access to the platform. That pressure appears to be what got Zynga cooperating with it.

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