Zynga, Music, TV and a Mixed Bag in This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

Zynga’s hits Texas Hold’em Poker and Mafia Wars are still holding strong at number 1 and 2, respectively, in this week’s list of the 20 Pages that gained the most Facebook fans in the last 7 days. We get these numbers from our PageData tool, which tracks the growth of Pages over time. Rounding out the list were a few musicians, television shows and a mixed bag of politicians, media companies and Starbucks.

Top Gainers This Week
Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Texas Hold’em Poker 14,857,066 +668,595 +4.71
2. Mafia Wars 10,663,878 +392,594 +3.82
3. Lady Gaga 5,825,121 +141,025 +2.48
4. FaceMoods 1,027,909 +140,708 +15.86
5. Starbucks 6,331,381 +132,528 +2.14
6. Justin Bieber 2,300,923 +126,795 +5.83
7. Lay’s 937,903 +119,119 +14.55
8. The Artifice 3,209,195 +113,916 +3.68
9. Facebook 7,770,799 +108,268 +1.41
10. Vodafone it 411,737 +105,580 +34.49
11. Selena Gomez 3,992,715 +93,977 +2.41
12. redbox 265,306 +91,059 +52.26
13. Zoosk 711,703 +81,258 +12.89
14. Alice in Wonderland 1,173,325 +80,233 +7.34
15. Sony 150,040 +79,228 +111.88
16. Universal Orlando Resort 88,575 +79,021 +827.10
17. HGTV 373,791 +75,639 +25.37
18. ESPN 364,288 +75,392 +26.10
19. Mozilla Firefox 1,022,056 +69,291 +7.27
20. Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III 956,557 +69,201 +7.80

Texas Hold’em Poker and Mafia Wars — in that order — have been, for the most part, holding steady at the top of our Page gainers since the beginning of February. This week Poker inched closer to 15 million fans with an addition of more than 668,000 fans while Mafia Wars passed 10 million fans and added 392,500 this week. It’s also interesting to note that Zynga is promoting its other games, namely Zynga Poker’s Slots and Poker Blitz, on their Texas Hold’em Poker Facebook Page.

Lady Gaga was third in fan gains this week with more than 141,000 added to her 5.8 million count, showing gains over last week when she was tenth. Gaga led the musicians on our list this week, probably because tickets for her North American tour went on sale last week, in addition to continued success of her “Telephone” single in the U.S. and UK.

Fellow musicians Justin Bieber, at number 6, and Selena Gomez, at eleventh, were also on last week’s list at just about the same place. Bieber showed steady growth, staying in the news with a new single coming out on iTunes and several performances on U.S. television. Teenage star Selena Gomez took the number 11 spot adding almost 94,000 fans last week, still readying for her upcoming European tour and premiering the trailer of her new summer movie “Ramona and the Beezus” on her Facebook Page.

There was quite a mixed bag of Pages on the list this week, many of them due to what seemed to be unofficial Page consolidations on Sunday.

Emoticon add-on FaceMoods was fourth this week, adding almost 141,000 fans with steady growth during the last week; FaceMoods was number 12 on our list last week. There doesn’t seem to be any outstanding reason for its popularity. Fifth place went to Starbucks, which added 132,500 fans — 107,800 of them Sunday — but the company is also promoting its free pastry day this week.

Lay’s potato chips’ fan Page took seventh place this week, adding 119,000 fans, almost all of which were added on Sunday, The Artifice was eighth, Facebook was ninth, Vodafone it took number 10 and Redbox was twelfth. At 13 was dating site Zoosk, which added 81,000 fans and also had a Sunday jump of 59,000 fans, or maybe Facebook dating is just becoming more popular?

The “Alice in Wonderland” Page was fourteenth this week with more than 80,000 fans added; this movie is was the number 1 movie in the U.S. last week. It’s interesting to note that we previously wrote about the multiple Pages set up to promote this movie — one for the main movie, the White Queen, Red Queen and Mad Hatter — but only the main Page was ever on our list of Top 20.

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