Zynga Live Poker Jumps to Number One in Games

-Zynga Logo-Last week I posted about Zynga’s Live Poker application. Within days the application has jumped to become the number one free application on the phone and number 8 overall. Social Gaming Network, a competitor of Zynga, experienced similar success on the iPhone with the launch of a could Wii-like games but their success appeared to come at the expense of their social application network.

Zynga on the other hand continues to have wide spread success. The company claims that they are the number one app development and social gaming company when you count across platforms. Personally, I haven’t done the math but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that they are accurate. While the application isn’t yet the number one free application, it’s still impressive to see that the company is experiencing success.

It appears that the games that embrace movement, such as SGN’s iBowl, tend to be more successful on the iPhone platform. It’s difficult to embrace movement into a poker game. The application is currently the most popular poker game and given how robust the game is, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one stay on top for a while. If you haven’t checked out the Zynga Live Poker application on the iPhone I definitely recommend it.

Go grab the application from the application directory now to play poker live with other users from around the web.